Just doing some late night practice with zBrush and Mudbox. I made the base mesh and did most of the sculpt in zBrush and then brought her into Mudbox for the painting and specular maps. This version of Catwoman is based on Adam Hughes' design and he most definitely uses Audrey Hepburn as a reference so I did as well.
And here is the result:


  1. Looking great! Gotta love Hughes although I thought it was Alex Ross at first (it's the painterly look that got me.) If I can put on my critical bastard hat for a sec - Tilt her eyes more so that the outside corner is higher than her inside ones. Smooth out the bridge of her nose - both Audrey and Celina have simple sweeps to their noses. You might also get away with pulling her cheekbones out a bit so her far eye feels a bit more contained (let the skull hug the eye!)


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