These are some samples of animations that I've created over the last few months

Buzz Lightyear Walk Cycle
A character that I built, rigged and textured based on the Stikfa toys and, of course, Buzz Lightyear. Stikfa's are a little bit larger than Lego minifigures, so rather than do a straight copy of Buzz, I decided to draw inspiration from the Lego characters and do a simplistic design. For the walk cycle, I gave him a Milt Kahl style of canter which works well with the proportions.

Video Animatic
An animatic by Craig Coady (10angrytigers) and I based on a concept for a Christmas animated film by myself and Denise Patey.

Flour Sack Drop
Going old school with the help of Flash. The purpose of this test was to animate the physics of a sack of flour as it falls on the floor.

Classical Animation Walk Cycle
The bread and butter of animation tests - the walk cycle. This one is actually the moving walk cycle where the character must cross the screen without appearing to be be 'skating'. There's actually a little bit of skating going on near the end, but not a bad result if I do say so myself :)

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