Dorothy Gale concept

This is a costume design for Dorothy (that I'm actually not going with). I was looking into hairstyles from the 20's for her, to reflect the fact that she's in her 20's in my version and I started coming up with this whole backstory of where she's at now in life (metaphorically and location-wise) since her last adventures in Oz. So I imagined her having moved away from Kansas and now living in Chicago, working at a glitzy club as a cigar girl. But as cool as the costume would be, I think I should keep her kind of traditional with the blue and white checkers. If my memory is correct, there's something important about the fact that her dress is blue and white with checkers as well...I believe it has something to do with those being the colors of the good Witch and the munchkins, so they are more trusting of her when she first arrives.


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