Tin Woodsman concept

The Tin Woodsman of course :) (not the Tinman). I mentioned in my last submission that I've been trying to stay away from reading anything about the other upcoming Oz projects out there but as I was working on this, I was told by a friend that according to the new CGI movie in the works, the Tin Woodsman is supposed to be a Munchkin and for those who are skeptical of this fact, the producers say 'it's in the book...look it up.' So I did. And it isn't. It DOES say that he was in love with a Munchkin, but the fact that the author uses the word 'Munchkin' each time when referring to his love, stresses the idea that he as actually different from her. If you were to read the same passage and replace the word Munchkin with 'white', 'black', or 'hispanic', then you'd get the same idea that there's obviously a reason for pointing this out and that they are indeed different. It should also be noted that, apparently, tin doesn't rust so I've taken a few liberties with my version and I'm using steampunk and WWII aircraft as my inspiration (hence the pin-up tattoo) Now to get off my soapbox and move on to something else.


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