The Wicked Wizard of Oz

I'm working on a series of limited edition prints based on the characters of Oz...actually, it's more of a 'Dorothy Returns To Oz in Her 20's and Everything is Even More Whacked Out' sort of thing. I see that there are a few more Oz projects coming down the pipeline so I wanted to get my concepts out there asap before I see anything from them that might accidentally influence me - and, of course, I feel that I have some pretty original ideas that I want to put out there first :)
This is a sketch concept of Dorothy finding the Scarecrow again. You'll notice that my Scarecrow is a wee bit shorter than he's appeared in other incarnations. Upon re-reading the original book for inspiration, I noticed that he's located on a Munchkin farm, and he's wearing Munchkin clothes...obviously, the Munchkins would have made a scarecrow in their image and in order for him to wear their clothes, he'd have to be the same size.


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